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Have you ever wanted to photograph the night sky? Or have you ever wished to have hands on learning out in the field from capture to post production? Now you can! I am excited to announce a kickstarter Astrophotography Workshop that offers hands on learning! Cosmic Connection Astrophotography Tours is a new company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

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Cosmic Connection Astrophotography


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With the salt flats to the west and mountains to the east there are many locations (I promise dark skies exist even near the city) and opportunities. Our courses cover the full spectrum of Astrophotography, from capture to post production, specifically, Star Trails, Sing exposure images of the night sky, and Milky Way Panoramas.


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Cosmic Connection's foundation is to formulate a fun and stress free environment to learn skills and techniques in Astrophotography. With hands on learning and one on one council there is no better way to learn and walk away with stunning high quality images. 


I am very excited to be able to share my passion and expertise, my goal is to help my fellow photographers achieve their night sky photography goals, and to educate more people on the fascinating capability and artistic value that can be found with Astrophotography. I am so excited for the coming weeks as Cosmic Connection continues to form and prepare for Summer 2018. Mark your calendars, and be watching for our official page and sign up information! Lets create photographs, lets explore our amazing western sky.  



The beginners class will cover 3 main areas of focus; single exposure photographs, star trails, and night sky panoramic.


Single exposure photographs of the night sky requires specific camera settings which will be taught on location. We ensure settings to showcase sharp stars with no trailing. We also will go over basic constellations and learn about the moon cycle in regards to Astrophotography.



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Star trail images are images that show the rotation of the Earth. Here, we do the opposite of single exposure photography by purposely exposing for large amounts of time to show the movement of the light as the earth turns. To ensure a clean final result, clear of any hot pixels and noise, we use a layering method in post production. We will teach how to properly set an intervalometer or how to set in camera time-lapse options. The great thing about the layering method is that you will get a 2 for 1 result of a beautiful trailing image and a time-lapse video of the moving stars!




Night sky panoramic seem scary to shoot, but in reality it is the same method as photographing landscape panoramas in the day time. However the long exposure times do add a more time consuming result. These images can showcase the entire Milky Way from end to end. A result that will for sure impress your friends and family!


Give me a call at: 307-699-7020 for any questions or concerns you may have.