'A Wyoming Life'

I grew up in Star Valley, Wyoming and through and through I’m a high adventure, fast paced, not afraid to get dirty western boy. It’s been a way of life that owes tribute to the artist I’ve become.

With bucking bales, the county fair, quad riding, high country hiking, camping, hunting, shooting guns (lots of guns) fishing, and exploring I lived life to the fullest surround by Gods country. 

My dedication and passion stems from the first passions I had growing up. Surrounded by good people, close family and strong friends there was never a day that couldn’t be filled with great adventure. 

This gallery showcases my early days as a photographer. It shows what was most important to me during that time of my life. Though my skill and work now is stronger, these images look back on my genesis as a photographer.


To get a full description of each image, tap on the small white do on the bottom right of each photo while in preview mode. To assess preview mode tap or click on the first photograph.